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Ayurveda Vitality “Knowledge of Health & Longevity”

Ancient Healing Wisdom Meets Modern Day Wellness

All Natural Holistic Health Care for All of Your Life - Mind, Body & Spirit. Specializing in Stress, Weight, Pain & Disease Transformation. Live and share life with Practical Tools, Self-Knowing, Confidence, Joy, Grace & Vitality!

The knowledge, materials and experience that you obtain here with GinaJi are Timeless. You are literally investing in your own health and the health of all those around you, now and for years to come! This is Alternative & Preventive Medicine, which has great value when compared to conventional long term healthcare, and the Heightened Quality of Your Life makes it priceless.

Gina meets you where you are, with honesty, compassion, acceptance, respect and confidentiality in a judgement free zone...

This program is Fun, Educational & Self - Paced:

  • Understand the Cause of Any Imbalance or Disease

  • Restore your Maximum Health Potential

  • Transforming Old Habits to New Improved Habits

  • Demystify & Satisfy Cravings Mindfully

  • Interpret Emotional Eating



Discover Year Round Methods for Practical, Intuitive, Harmony to All the 5 Pillars of Health …

  • Appetite
  • Digestion
  • Elimination
  • Sleep
  • Energy (including Sexual Energy)
  • Balance Excess, Overindulgence, Self Sabotage or Deprivation

  • Reduce and Eliminate Food Sensitivities

  • Reverse Mental & Physical Wear & Tear Inside and Out

  • Slow & Reset Your Biological Age

  • Repair & Rejuvenate Your GI Tract while Elevating Your Immune System

  • Soothe & Strengthen your Nervous System

  • Recalibrate Your Hormones or Endocrine System

  • Allow Your Ideal Weight

  • Invite Energy & Ease into your Mind & Body Day & Night

  • Choose your Reactions, Behavior & Results

  • Talk a New Story-Rewrite Your Personal Health Life Journey


Plus Mind Body Seasonal Cleansing & Rejuvenation to the 7 Systemic Tissues…

  • Blood Plasma/ Lymph  

  • Blood
  • Muscle
  • Fat
  • Bone
  • Nerves
  • Reproductive

Using Mind Body Specific Support, Guidance & Coachingwith Delicious Food & More :

  • Juicing
  • Mind Body Cleansing & Rejuvenation
  • One Pot Cooking
  • Easy Shopping     
  • Eating at Cafes, Restaurant, Even Healthy Fast Food
  • Raw & Live Foods
  • Meat, Dairy & Cooked Foods
  • Psycho-Spiritual Nourishment
  • Seasonal & Regional Eating
  • Eating Awareness Tips
  • Mindful Mood Management thru Food
  • Energy Battery Game / Energy Bank Game and more...
  • Diet, Nutrition & Lifestyle
  • Herbs, Teas & Spices
  • Superfoods & Beverages
  • Made Simple Meals
  • Recipes
  • Food Plans                                 
  • Vegan & Vegetarian Plans
  • Natural Pain Remedies & Anti Inflammatories         



Weekly private 1:1 virtual sessions

Each session is recorded and sent to you to watch again

All materials for this program

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Yoga X Training

Although more physical in nature, No-experience needed, everyone welcome, fun, all-levels friendly, safe, respectful, custom-tailored and self-paced program. Come as you are as always to a judgement free zone! Be consistent, develop desired discipline, with creative motivation, personalized routines in a balanced program for mind body and spirit.           

                                          Some Reasons to Schedule :                                                    

  • New to Yoga, Returning to Yoga, Strengthen Personal Practice
  • Partner Practice, Family or Special Occasion
  • Form Correction or Refinement
  • Stress Management, Weight Management, Pain Management
  • Mental or Physical Rehab or Recovery of any kind
  • Learn or Improve Breathing, Meditation, Relaxation Techniques                     
  • Professional Guidance, Support and Motivation                                              
  • Abs & Body Sculpting, Posture & Alignment
  • Balance & Flexibility, Toning & Strengthening
  • Cardio ,Stamina & Endurance
  • Restore a Mind Body Spirit Connection 

Select from any combination of the Following or be professionally assessed and matched to a mind body specific routine, custom-tailored to help you achieve your health and fitness goals:

  • Core Yoga
  • Cardi-Yoga Dance
  • Yoga Weights
  • Yoga Flex Ball
  • Mind Body Mat Based Yoga
  • AyurYoga
  • Hatha & Yoga
  • Chinese Yoga
  • Ashtanga Power Yoga
  • Tantra Yoga
  • Gentle Yoga Chair/Wall Yoga
  • Beach Yoga
  • Gym Yoga
  • Walking Yoga


Weekly private 1:1 virtual sessions

Each session is recorded and sent to you to watch again

All materials for this program



Tantra Yoga 101 Sacred Sex School

For Singles or Couples

Pleasure and Sex as Medicine

A private and personalized program featuring sexual and non-sexual yogic methods over thousands of years old and so relevant for any adult today. A holistic lifestyle practice for integrating body, mind, spirit and sex, so that you can experience more happiness, more peace, more joy, more connection, and more love in every area of your life.Yoga experience is not necessary, because we begin where you are and with what you desire to deepen or learn.

In this Tantric tradition we define the word ‘Tantra’ as ‘the practice of weaving light and sound with form.’ To define that further, your body represents the form. Light represents use of specific color, elements in nature, chakras, breathing, imagination or  guided visualization techniques. Sound is connected to all of these these things and is represented by breath, voice, speech, music, chakras, mantra and/or chanting.

 In order to build an understanding and relationship to the practice, the Weaving is taught to you first, non-sexually. The emphasis is on inviting and allowing time for your Self or Shared, Non Sexual Pleasure. You gradually cultivate a deeper, nourishing, satisfying, focused, relaxed, sacred, sensual, Self - Awareness Pleasure Practice.

            These Non Sexual techniques are then applied to Self or Shared Sexual Play. Congratulations! You are now                              consciously, skillfully, utilizing Powerful Energies generated during sexual pleasure. The start of Pleasure & Sex as Medicine 101! These energies can feel any number of ways: sexual, sensual, electric, tingly warm, hot, flowing, exciting, erotic, expansive, pulsating, throbbing, sublime, orgasmic, you tell me?

The vital healing energies are naturally rejuvenating your Body, Mind and Spirit. These Once Secret, Ancient Healing Sex Codes have the ability to stimulate profound transformation, expanded consciousness, a variety of different orgasms for men and woman, multi-orgasms, along with sheer utter bliss and ecstasy! YES! YES! YES!

This multi- dimensional experience may occur at any stage of your practice and the  potent afterglow and health benefits grows with you over time. It’s what makes personal professional guidance so valuable, which is especially true for those seeking a sacred sexual or a sacred non sexual  healing experience.

What I mean by that is: When the flow of energy expresses itself in excess or meets resistance it may in turn expose old patterns, memories, beliefs, habitual responses, addictions, grief, fear, intensity, anger, sadness, guilt, shame, physical or mental pain, numbness, trauma,  loss of control, confusion, emotional release or something other.                             Maybe you have already experienced this?

The Benefits Of Tantra And Who It Is For

  • Any Adult 18 or Older
  • Singles or Couples Desiring “Pleasure as a Pathway”
  • Expanded Pleasure, Self Worth, Self-Love, Self-Empowerment
  • Giving and Receiving Greater Pleasure & Intimacy
  • A “Sacred Sexual Experience” Solo or Together
  • Sexual Freedom & Liberation
  • Any Sexual Imbalance or Disfunction
  • Anyone who wants their “Sexy Back”
  • Learning to be a “Spiritual Bedroom Badass”
  • Anyone who wants their Sexy “Next level”
  • A Deeper Connection to Self Pleasure Solo or Together
  • Holistic Sex Education & Therapy
  • Sensual Self Awareness & Sexual Expression
  • Comfort with Conscious Sexual Communication
  • Accessing a variety of Natural Orgasms for Men & Women
  • Relaxed, Stress Free, Vaginal & Full Body Orgasms
  • Holistic Sex Education & Therapy
  • Sensual Self Awareness & Sexual Expression
  • Comfort with Conscious Sexual Communication
  • Ease in Long or Short Term Relationships
  • Accessing a variety of Natural Orgasms for Men & Women
  • Relaxed, Stress Free, Vaginal & Full Body Orgasms
  • Where & What the G-Spot and other Spots are?
  • Vibrant & Juicy at Any Age
  • Squirting and Other Female Ejaculations
  • Handling a Man’s “Million Dollar Point”
  • Multi Orgasms for Men & Women
  • Authentic Pain Free Orgasms
  • Ease in Long or Short Term Relationships
  • Multi Orgasms with Semen Retention
  • Great Oral Sex for Men & Women
  • Prostate Massage For Men & Women
  • Sensual Genital Massage for Men & Women
  • Sex as Healing Medicine for Mind Body & Spirit
  • Conscious Connection & Sacred Intimacy
  • Emotional Stability
  • Healthy Sexual Function  Mentally & Physically
  • Restored & Balanced Libido or Sex Drive
  • Multiple - Orgasms for Men & Women
  • Hormone Regeneration Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin, Endorphins & More
  • Stress & Pain Relief

Gina’s years of experience with hundreds of individuals and couples privately and confidentially, has shaped her graceful ability to lovingly and therapeutically navigate these extraordinary teachings for the purpose of your release Realignment, Consciousness Intimacy, Self Awareness and Self Empowerment. Allowing your life force energies to naturally channel, happily and harmoniously!


Weekly private 1:1 virtual sessions

Each session is recorded and sent to you to watch again

All materials for this program

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Spiritual Spa

Spirit, God, Goddess, Higher Power, Nature, Life Force, Source Energy whoever or whatever you would like to call Spirit, is always your personal choice, strongly encouraged and Life Enhancing, now and forever!

In the world of Ayurveda, Yoga, Tantra, and other holistic paths, Spirit or Divine Source, a precious Life Force Energy is ever present inside of you, in all of nature, the universe and beyond. Within your mind and body, within your every breath, exists this spiritual source energy, your inner light, your higher vibration your “shiney happy place”. There is a primordial tenant in Ayurvedic Medicine: It states that the Primordial Cause of All Disease or Disharmony is Forgetting or Not Feeling Connected to Our True Nature as Spirit.

How you start each day sets the tone for the day, setting a daily spiritual tone can be as simple as brushing your teeth! Together we cultivate your spiritual tuning fork, your Inner Knowing, with your daily choices, with clarity, through mind body specific, guided practices. Personal growth and spiritual maturity takes time, experience, gentle awakening, presence. Resulting in a conscious connection to what makes you think and feel whole, content, vibrant, alive, present, relaxed, aware.

Be accepting of yourself, accepting or neutral to conflicting thoughts feelings, people or places. Able to flow with moments of stress, challenges, disharmony, pain, mental emotional upset. These are sometimes necessary & useful contrasts in developing your Spiritual Maturity.

If you feel out of control or checked out. If you act addictively, use various behaviors or substances for escape rather than natural medicine or occasional life celebration Spiritual Lifestyle need not be dogmatic, self righteous, boring, strictly regimented, overly disciplined, robotic, monastic.

A Spiritual Lifestyle can definitely be compatible, incredibly satisfying and extremely nourishing to your everyday life!  Feel Tapped In! Tuned Up! Turned On! Fully Aware! Fully Awake! Focused! Energized, Self Motivated & Relaxed!

Self Paced, Personalized Guidance is based on your schedule, lifestyle and made mind body specific for you, your tendencies, desire and attributes. Although Meditation is an important aspect of a spiritual lifestyle, there are soooo many fun, favorable, short, sweet an simple ways to learn to meditate, using various sense therapies, creative, artistic and various moving meditations when sitting still is not your preference.

  • Understand Emotions like Fear & Anger as Catalysts
  • Shift Dark or Heavy Energy to Light
  • How to Choose Peace & Calm
  • Learn to Let Stress Guide You
  • Surf Your Wave of Sensations Skillfully
  • Think Rationally with Compassionate Control
  • Be Discerning & Decisive
  • Experience Multidimensional Living
  • Explore Sensory Tranquilizers
  • Choose Your Spiritual High Day & Night
  • Decide to Be Enlightened in this Lifetime
  • Crave Daily Meditation
  • Be Present Focus & Concentrate with Ease
  • Balance Your Own Chakras
  • Develop Self Care with Dina Charya & Sadhana
  • Slow Biological Aging, Strengthen Your Immune Response
  • Recite Mantra, Chant or Visualize
  • Invite Bliss or Samadhi
  • Understand Your Karma & Dharma
  • Feel Your Mind Body & Spirit Connection
  • Improve Your Breath & Energy
  • Have Harmonious Relationships to Family, Friends, Co-Workers
  • Befriend all of Your Emotions
  • Graduate to Superconsciousness
  • Elevate Your Moods
  • Enjoy Spiritual Sense Therapy
  • Coordinate Your Thoughts, Speech & Actions


Weekly private 1:1 virtual sessions

Each session is recorded and sent to you to watch again

All materials for this program