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·      Mind Body Yoga Therapist

·      Yoga Alliance Continuing Ed Provider

·      Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher

·      Clinical Ayurveda Specialist

·      Panchakarma Specialist

·      Certified Massage Therapist    

·     Authentic Tantra Practitioner

Prior education or experience is never expected. However, your curiosity, interest, commitment and participation are. I’ll happily meet you where you’re at. Our time will be based on your desires, a balance between work and play I have devoted over 30 years to learning and living these Multidimensional Healing Modalities. They are a life purpose and my passion. It is my honor to be your teacher, guide, trainer and therapist. My style is creative, grounded, playful, clear, confident, compassionate, respectful and accepting. I enjoy delivering mind body specific, self-paced,personalized packages, programs, training and retreats. My intention is to activate, educate, motivate and inspire your self-knowing, self-empowered, super-conscious, multidimensional experience for life!  

Ayurveda is the knowledge of Living in Harmony with Nature and is a complete and personalized system of Holistic Health Care that is thousands of years old. It has the ability to address any health, life concern or goal. I Specialize in stress, weight, pain and disease transformation usin all-natural sense therapies. Ayurveda targets the root cause of imbalance, not just the symptoms. It is easily integrated and complimentary to any health care plan, current condition, diet and/or lifestyle, yet powerful on its own, stand-alone, Mind Body Energy Medicine.

Sample my AYTS Packages or check out the Ayurveda 101Program

  • Taste - Diet, Herbs Nutrition, Mind Body Seasonal Cleansing & Rejuvenation
  • Touch – Mind, Body Energy Healing,  AyurSpa Treatments & Pleasure Practices
  • Sound - Music Chant Mantra Creatures & Elements of Nature
  • Smell – Aromatherapy, Oils, Herbs, Flowers, Nature
  • Sight – Art, Colors, Light, Candles, Crystals, Sun, Moon, Nature 

Yoga is “Union” of Mind and Body with Spirit. That means in addition to stretching and relaxing, sessions will always include centering breathing, posture, alignment, toning, strengthening, balance, intro to bandhas, energetics, core and pelvic floor techniques, breath awareness, guided meditation and more. I am nationally registered and multi-certified in a variety of yoga styles, I lead Yoga Teacher Trainings and Continuing Education. Everyone is welcome to the All Levels Friendly assortment of offerings and Mind Body Specific styles for Stress, Weight or Pain Check out the personal and spiritual growth programs like the Spiritual Lifestyle and/or Yoga Lifestyle X Training Program.

  • Everyone Welcome
  • All Levels Friendly
  • Mind Body Specific
  • Public & Private Sessions
  • Beach Yoga
  • Chair Yoga
  • Hatha Yoga
  • AyurYoga
  • Tantra Yoga
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • X Training Yoga
  • CardiYoga Dance
  • Ashtanga Based Yoga
  • Iyengar Based Yoga
  • Intregal BasedYoga
  • Mind Body Yoga Therapy
  • Spirit Journey Yoga
  • Breathing & Meditation
  • Yoga Nidra Deep Relaxation

Tantra has a variety of flavors in the USA. This is Authentic Tantra, rooted in the Tibetan 5 Element Tantric Teachings, an ancient Dakini Lineage of Empowered Holistic Women, over 2500 yrs old. It is Sacred Yoga and Soul Sister to Ayurveda. I am a certified Authentic Tantra Practitioner.

These traditional Tibetan 5 Element Tantric practices are woven into a holistic set of sexual and non-sexual methods. These methods create a powerful and effective modality for healing, cultivating higher consciousness and living transformation, with side effects like Bliss, Sublime Sex and Multiple Orgasms! Welcome to Sacred Sex School!

We define Tantra as weaving light and sound with form, a potent set of rituals preparing your mind and body, like a “cosmic foreplay formula”. The light is specific color you’ll learn to visualize, the sound is your breath, voice and mantra woven with form, your mind and body. These are then applied to sexual ‘play’ in order to consciously utilize the powerful energies generated during sexual pleasure.  These energies are then directed to healing and enriching body, mind and spirit. Bringing a deeper connection to your sexual experience. All of these techniques may be practiced solo or with a partner.

Tantra like all Yoga, is not as a religion. Authentic Tantra is a holistic lifestyle practice for integrating body, mind, spirit and sex.

 For more check out Tantra 101

  • AyurYogaTantraSpa Self-Care
  • Mind Body Specific Tantra
  • Daily Pleasure Practices
  • Self  Pleasure
  • Partner Pleasure
  • Sexual Yoga
  • Non- Sexual Yoga
  • Tantric Movement
  • Tantric Breathing
  • Tantric Meditation
  • Authentic Connection
  • Authentic Communication
  • Somatic Tantric Healing Methods
  • So much more!

Spa refers to Holistic Spa Therapies. These soothing and powerful treatments are not just for relaxation but directly address mental, physical, emotional, energetic, sexual, and spiritual health. All living and non‑living things, in this universe are made up of five basic elements. They are Air, Space, Fire, Water and Earth. Every substance in nature has the potential to be a medicine. I am skillfully trained to examine, evaluate and determine each person and their unique mind body type, a concept called Tridosha. The three Mind Body types or Doshas are called Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These are actual physiobiological properties with psychospiritual expressions. To learn what your unique constitution is take this quiz AYTS Mind Body Type Quiz

  I offer and personally design a variety of Mind Body Specific Services acquired through my many years of study, training, giving and receiving at Ashrams, Spas, Resorts in and out of the country. These exotic healing treatments come from all over the world. Some are time honored traditions and unchanged because they have been passed down for thousands of years and have remained extremely effective as they are. Some are a blend of ancient wisdom with creative contemporary health, beauty and wellness relevant for today. All are designed to restore balance and harmony inside and out!

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